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Injuries from truck accidents can be devastating and can change your life forever.

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Across the United States, the federal government gives corporate truck companies the privilege of using our great public highways…to make a profit!

But that privilege comes with a huge responsibility; corporations and truck companies must not endanger private citizens while using our great public highways to make a profit!

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Were You Injured By A Commercial Truck?

Your next steps after an accident with a commercial semi-truck are very important.

National Trucking Claims (NTC) dedicates 100% of our work representing injured survivors and families involved in crashes with commercial trucks, 18-wheelers or semi-trailer truck accidents.

NTC professionals have the trusted expertise you need when you need it most. We help people like yourself everyday, connecting you with a trusted network and getting you legal counsel wherever you are across the United States.

Each day, for-profit trucking companies send out 80,000-pound, 80-foot-long tractor-trailers to drive hundreds of miles on the same highways that you and I use.

Whether you call them tractor-trailers, 18-wheelers, or semi-trucks, they can’t stop as fast as most vehicles, can’t turn as quickly, with truck drivers that are sometimes on the road for 10 hours or more per day!

All of this can lead to serious accidents and crashes involving commercial semi-truck trailers and smaller passenger vehicles and innocent people that get hurt. These injuries may affect truck accident victims for the rest of their lives.

Almost all commercial motor vehicle crashes are preventable because they are the result of human error and truck company system failures.

On any roadway in America, you will likely see tractor-trailers. These are the large, jointed trucks that deliver goods to retailers.

Sharing the roadway with these trucks can be intimidating – they are much larger than any passenger vehicle and can weigh up to 80,000 pounds.

If there is a tractor-trailer on the road, there is a chance you will be involved in a truck accident. Truck accidents can be similar to car accidents, but they are not the same thing.

One thing to always keep in mind when you are sharing the road with large trucks is that in a truck accident, the person in the passenger vehicle faces a much higher risk of suffering a severe injury.

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